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GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 1.3.0

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  • 6/17/2014


We are pleased to share a new version of GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET: Features Implemented ANNOTATION-570 Hide UI controls depending on permissions set. ANNOTATION-568 Get rid of redundant references. ANNOTATION-591 Text replacement tool. ANNOTATION-592 Text removal mode for the strikeout tool. ANNOTATION-594 An option to download exported annotations as a DOC file. ANNOTATION-611 Drawing options for area and polyline annotation tools. ANNOTATION-612 Annotation tools control method. ANNOTATION-613 Clickable annotations option. ANNOTATION-614 Arrow drawing tool. ANNOTATION-618 Show toolbar option. ANNOTATION-621 Non-generic file name for a file with exported comments. ANNOTATION-622 Text highligh color option. ANNOTATION-623 Horizontal margins for document container on load. ANNOTATION-624 Annotations clean up on document load. ANNOTATION-627 Annotation activation on click inside its area. ANNOTATION-628 Scroll content to invisible annotation when selected on the summary pane. ANNOTATION-631 Highlighted text bounding rectangles storing. ANNOTATION-607 Changes tracking support. ANNOTATION-608 Scroll on focus option. ANNOTATION-609 Connectors position option. ANNOTATION-615 Disconnect uncommented annotations option. ANNOTATION-616 File upload for annotations import. ANNOTATION-617 Per-annotation drawing options storing. ANNOTATION-636 Active annotation highlighting enhancement. Bugs Fixed ANNOTATION-537 Strikeout text is highlighted after the removing of strikeout. ANNOTATION-574 Small issue is presented at header panel for user with out permissions for download and export. ANNOTATION-569 Export does not work inside DNN plugin. ANNOTATION-453 Annotation tools can not be moved. ANNOTATION-586 SignalR requests fail in cross-domain environment. ANNOTATION-595 The control fails to work in a virtual directory using a network drive as a file storage. ANNOTATION-606 A wrong ison for the export to DOC menu item is displayed. ANNOTATION-536 Annotation creation/removing broadcasting does not work. ANNOTATION-605 A comment box and a connecting line are not created for newly added text replacement annotations. ANNOTATION-619 Div tags are added instead of the carriege return when exporting annotations. ANNOTATION-625 The connectors overlap annotations border. ANNOTATION-585 Text selection is shifted for some documents. ANNOTATION-633 MVC sample does not work with SQL Server CE database. ANNOTATION-604 An MVC5 sample does not work for a customer. ANNOTATION-639 Clicking on the replacement annotation header does not activate the annotation. ANNOTATION-640 Annotation pointer is not changed to active state for text replacement annotations. ANNOTATION-532 Annotations in "Summary" tab are ordered by the time of adding. ANNOTATION-547 RHS panel isn't open automatically after adding of annotation. ANNOTATION-635 An error occurs when a document is opened from the file open dialog. ANNOTATION-642 for text strikeout annotations. ANNOTATION-644 Arrow annotation is not updated on zoom in/out. ANNOTATION-645 Graphics annotation has improper direction after page refresh. ANNOTATION-637 Text selection is shifted ANNOTATION-638 Point, typewriter and watermark tools do not work in Webforms applications. ANNOTATION-643 Stylesheet classes conflict with default bootstrap classes. GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 1.3.0