GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 19.3 Release Notes

Major Features

Below is the list of most notable changes in release of GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 19.3:

  • Add Thumbnails of the selected document
  • Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to different formats
  • Implement angled watermarks for different formats
  • Annotation not apply if page number not defined in Words and Cells
  • Implement working with mutipage TIFF
  • Fixed errors in some methods in trial mode

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
ANNOTATIONNET-851Add Thumbnails of the selected documentFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-869 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to PDFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-870 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to WordsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-871 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to SlidesFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-872 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to ImagesFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-873 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to CellsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-876 Implement angled watermarks for PDFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-877 Implement angled watermarks for SlidesFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-897Implement working with mutipage TIFFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-904  Add GetPage convert options for multipage TIF / TIFFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-905 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to DiagramsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-919 Implement angled watermarks for CellsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-920 Implement angled watermarks for ImagesFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-922 Implement angled watermarks for DiagramsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-843Only first page is saved in output when Multi-Tiff file is annotatedBug
ANNOTATIONNET-898Import annotations for Images doesn’t close streamBug
ANNOTATIONNET-899AnnotationImageHandler.GetDocumentInfo exception in trial modeBug
ANNOTATIONNET-914Annotation not apply if page number not defined in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-918PenWidht and PenColor annotation properties can’t be applied in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-923Comments can’t be set to shapes in SlidesBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Change

  1. Adding Ellipse annotation.

    // minimal set of parameters
    AnnotationInfo ellipse= new AnnotationInfo()
        Box = new Rectangle(100, 100.0, 50, 50),
        Type = AnnotationType.Ellipse;
  2. GetThumbnail method returns JPEG image stream.
    Assume we are getting pages from document:

    List<PageImage> pages = annotationHandler.GetPages(document);
    //Then if we want get thumbnail we call GetThumbnail() method of PageImage item:
    foreach (PageImage pageImage in result)
        Stream stream = pageImage.GetThumbnail(); // do something with stream 
    // Default image size was 300x180. If need specified image size, you can pass method parameters:
    // image thumbnails 100x100
    foreach (PageImage pageImage in result)
       Stream stream = pageImage.GetThumbnail(100, 100); 
       // do something with stream 
  3. Added ability to set text watermarks angle.
    The same as adding Watermark annotation, but you should additionally set Watermark rotation angle by setting AnnotationInfo.Angle property (in degrees)

    AnnotationInfo annotation = new AnnotationInfo
        Type = AnnotationType.Watermark,
        Angle = 45,                
        // another properties