GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 19.4 Release Notes

Major Features

Below is the list of most notable changes in release of GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 19.4:

  • Implemented link annotation in Pdf, Slides and Words formats
  • Added ability to convert protected documents in GetPdfFile method
  • Fixed problem that documents with password can’t be converted
  • Fixed issue with GetPdfFile returns damaged file
  • Fixed empty GUID exception in Cells
  • Fixed problem with removing annotation from Cells
  • Fixed TIFF image stream not disposed during import annotations

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
ANNOTATIONNET-941Implement Link annotation for SlidesFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-942Implement Link annotation for PDFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-943Implement Link annotation for WordsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-964GetPdfFile method doesn’t implement converting documents with passwordImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-950Remove annotations fails with Cells documentBug
ANNOTATIONNET-952Documents with password are not converted to PDFBug
ANNOTATIONNET-963GetPdfFile method returns broken fileBug
ANNOTATIONNET-965ImportAnnotations method doesn’t close source stream for Tiff filesBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Change

  1. Adding Link annotation.
    Minimal set of fields for Link Annotation. This type of annotation supported for Slides, Words and PDF documents

    AnnotationInfo link= new AnnotationInfo()
       Box = new Rectangle(173.2986, 154.3131, 142.5, 9),
       FieldText = "",
       SvgPath = "[{"x":173.2986,"y":687.5769},{"x":315.79859999999996,"y":687.5769},{"x":173.2986,"y":678.5769},{"x":315.79859999999996,"y":678.5769}]"
       Type = AnnotationType.Link;
  2. GetPdfFile method can process documents with password.
    If you need to process document protected with password you should pass extra parameter for GetPdfFile method

    Stream convertedDocument = annotator.GetPdfFile(protectedDocument, "123password123");