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If so you can download any of the below versions for testing. The product will function as normal except for an evaluation limitation. At the time of purchase we provide a license file via email that will allow the product to work in its full capacity. If you would also like an evaluation license to test without any restrictions for 30 days, please follow the directions provided here.


GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET

GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET – An API to compare and merge Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, openDocument ODT, PDF, Text and HTML documents.


GroupDocs.Comparison for Java

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java is a Documents Comparison, Difference Checker and Documents Merging API. Supported are all industry standard document formats: PDF, OpenDocument, HTML, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Text files. It compares both Content and Styles of the documents. Supported with out-of-box ‘Track Changes’ functionality producing a summary file listing the source files with the changes made.


GroupDocs.Comparison for Node.js via Java

GroupDocs.Comparison for Node.js library extends the GroupDocs.Comparison family, providing similar document comparison features for Node.js environments. It supports a variety of document types, including Office formats, PDF, and HTML. The library focuses on identifying both content and stylistic changes within documents, effectively summarizing these differences for easy analysis and review. Ideal for Node.js applications requiring detailed document comparison solutions.


GroupDocs.Comparison for Python via .NET

Download Python package to compare PDF, Word, HTML, Text files without third-party tools.