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GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 2.3.0 (DLLs only)

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  • 1/23/2015


This ZIP file contains only the GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET assemblies. The assemblies are the same as in the MSI installer of the product of the same version.Download this if you want to use GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET without the MSI installer.This ZIP download does not contain the demo project(s) that are included in the MSI installer.Bug fixedDOCOMPARE-546 - Detecting moved content in Word comparisonDOCOMPARE-558 - Introduce ComparisonBehaviorSettings to control comparison bahaviorDOCOMPARE-560 - Introduce ComparisonWidgetSettings to centralize the comparison widget configurationDOCOMPARE-561 - Refactor the widget and mark obsolete methodsDOCOMPARE-567 - Make the comparison root storage path independent from the viewer root storage pathDOCOMPARE-572 - Improve excel comparison to detect inserted deleted columnsDOCOMPARE-573 - Updating the demo projects, to use the new way of initializing the comparison widgetDOCOMPARE-556 - Comparison.NET - Regular text after subscript text is detected also as subscript textDOCOMPARE-555 - Comparison.NET - Extra page is added for comparison of the TXT file with empty fileDOCOMPARE-571 - Improving localization in comparison.netDOCOMPARE-580 - Comparison.NET - Some changes aren't applied for default files in the StreamsAsInputMvcDemo projectDOCOMPARE-581 - Comparison.NET - Some changes aren't displayed on Redline.doc file after compare particular txt files for ConsoleDEMO projectDOCOMPARE-582 - Comparison.NET - Style changes are displayed after compare particular files without any style changesDOCOMPARE-577 - Comparison.NET - Style changes are displayed in RHS panel after compare particular files without style changesDOCOMPARE-583 - Comparison.NET - Evaluation message is displayed after run ConsoleDemo project with licenseDOCOMPARE-584 - Comparison.NET - Title of the "Thumbs" button isn't translated for localizationsDOCOMPARE-574 - Comparison.NET - Horizontal scroll bar is presented in RHS panelDOCOMPARE-585 - Comparison.NET - Changes aren't highlighted after compare particular files in ConsoleDemo projectDOCOMPARE-602 - Comparison.NET - Issue with "Apply All" button on RHS panel for "itIT"/"ruRU" localizationsDOCOMPARE-604 - The styles of the buttons in confirmation dialogs are missing if a localization is usedDOCOMPARE-575 - Comparison.NET - Summary page isn't displayed after comparisonDOCOMPARE-601 - Comparison.NET - Incorrect "Total changes" count is displayed in console for default document of ConsoleDemo projectDOCOMPARE-595 - Comparison.NET - Incorrect display of formula in result documentDOCOMPARE-597 - Comparison.NET - "Server Error in '/' Application" error occurs after compare particular documentDOCOMPARE-608 - Comparison.NET - Incorrect translate of Confirmation dialog for "ruRU" localizationDOCOMPARE-607 - Comparison.NET - Issue with "apply all" button on RHS panel for "nbNO/itIT/ruRU/esES" localizationsDOCOMPARE-587 - Comparison.NET - Issue with text on RHS panel for "esES" localizationDOCOMPARE-586 - Comparison.NET - IE is hangs during page loadingDOCOMPARE-588 - Comparison.NET - Issue with text on RHS panel for "arAE" localizationDOCOMPARE-591 - Comparison.NET - Issue with text on RHS panel for "plPL" localizationDOCOMPARE-593 - Comparison.NET - Issue with text on RHS panel for "nbNO" localization GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 2.3.0 (DLLs only)