GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 21.12 Release Notes

Major Features

Below is the list of most notable changes in release of GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 21.12:

  • Fixed issue with Cells output file containing changes from fully deleted worksheet when MarkNestendContent property is disabled
  • Fixed issue with Imaging changes counters returning incorrect number of changes
  • Fixed issue with PDF output file containing warning message
  • Fixed issue with HTML elements not comparing by attributes

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
COMPARISONNET-2920Issue with changes counters in ImagingBug
COMPARISONNET-2509PDF comparison, output shows a warning messageBug
COMPARISONNET-2921Issue with Worksheets and MarkNestedContent property in CellsBug
COMPARISONNET-2922Issue with comparing tag attributes in HTMLBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes