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GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 1.3.0

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  • 11/4/2015


GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 1.3.0 Release NotesNew Features CONVERSIONJAVA-106 - Option to reduce the size of converted fileCONVERSIONJAVA-108 - Integrated 3rd party libraries ro resolve conflictsCONVERSIONJAVA-120 - Slides to multipage Tiff conversionCONVERSIONJAVA-119 - Email to multipage Tiff conversionCONVERSIONJAVA-117 - Cells to multipage Tiff conversionCONVERSIONJAVA-116 - Word to multipage Tiff conversionCONVERSIONJAVA-114 - Pdf to multipage Tiff conversionCONVERSIONJAVA-102 - Ability to choose specific sheet during Html conversionCONVERSIONJAVA-104 - Convert any document to a black and white TIFF imageImprovementsCONVERSIONJAVA-79 - Support multi-pages .TIFF for convertingCONVERSIONJAVA-113 - Improvement of conversion to reduce output file sizeBugs FixedCONVERSIONJAVA-80 - Can't convert .msg file to .jpgCONVERSIONJAVA-97 - Issue with transparent fontsCONVERSIONJAVA-96 - Conversion Docx to Tiff trows exception "Parameter name: pageCount"CONVERSIONJAVA-93 - Can't convert .docx to .pdfCONVERSIONJAVA-88 - "Error in element DocumentProperties" exception when converting diagram to image with obfuscated libraryCONVERSIONJAVA-101 - Files VSS and VSX are empty after converting to imagesCONVERSIONJAVA-100 - OutOfMemoryError while converting to .tiff formatCONVERSIONJAVA-103 - It's impossible to save not first sheet during Pdf conversionCONVERSIONJAVA-92 - Issue with fonts on Linux systemCONVERSIONJAVA-123 - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError while convert .doc to .tiff GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 1.3.0