GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 24.1 Release Notes

There are 25+ features, improvements, and bug fixes in this release.

Full list of changes in this release

CONVERSIONNET-6581FeatureImplement conversion from GLB to 3D formats
CONVERSIONNET-6572FeatureImplement conversion from CAD formats to Ifc
CONVERSIONNET-6583FeatureImplement conversion from CAD formats to GLB
CONVERSIONNET-6585FeatureImplement conversion from CAD formats to OBJ
CONVERSIONNET-6586FeatureImplement conversion from CAD formats to 3DS
CONVERSIONNET-6587FeatureImplement conversion from CAD formats to U3D
CONVERSIONNET-6608FeatureImplement conversion from Autodesk Maya ASCII and Binary formats (Ma and Mb)
CONVERSIONNET-6609FeatureImplement conversion from 3D to Usd and Usdz
CONVERSIONNET-6582FeatureImplement conversion from 3D formats to GLB
CONVERSIONNET-6178EnhancementImprove WordProcessing to Spreadsheet conversion
CONVERSIONNET-6578EnhancementImproved page width and height resize when converting to wordprocessing
CONVERSIONNET-4303BugXLSX to PDF conversion - text misplaced in the resultant file
CONVERSIONNET-4682BugHidden pages are not rendered
CONVERSIONNET-6532BugTXT to PDF conversion taking alm ost 20 seconds
CONVERSIONNET-6392BugPDF conversion: pages have different size
CONVERSIONNET-5616BugMargin options does not take effect on HTML to PDF Conversion
CONVERSIONNET-6470BugExcel to PDF conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-4824BugSetting PDF output page size to A4
CONVERSIONNET-6534BugAccess to the path ‘C:\Windows\system32\com\dmp’ is denied
CONVERSIONNET-6350BugConversion to PDFA-2A is not compliant
CONVERSIONNET-6190BugWord to PDF conversion
CONVERSIONNET-6351BugConverting pdf file to PDF/2A standard
CONVERSIONNET-6599BugCAD to FBX conversion produce JPG
CONVERSIONNET-6517BugConverting EML with JPEG attachment to PDF
CONVERSIONNET-6598BugA jpeg image is not detected correctly when loaded from a stream
CONVERSIONNET-6569BugThe type initializer for ?hg? threw an exception.? occurs when converting from Word to PDF
CONVERSIONNET-6567BugGroupDocsConversionException: ?Saving complete document to EPS is not supported?
CONVERSIONNET-5767BugCan’t convert dwg to docx

Major features

  • Conversions from CAD to Ifc, GLB, OBJ, 3DS, U3D
  • Conversions from 3D to GLB, Usd and Usdz
  • Conversions from GLB to 3D
  • Conversions from Autodesk May ASCII and binary formats (Ma and Mb)
  • Improved wordprocessing to spreadsheet conversions
  • Improved page width and height handling when converting to wordprocessing

Public API and backward incompatible changes

  1. In PdfConvertOptions properties Width and Height are marked as obsolete. Will be removed in v24.4.
  2. In WordProcessingConvertOptions properties Width and Height are marked as obsolete. Will be removed in v24.4.