GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 24.2 Release Notes

There are 10+ features, improvements, and bug fixes in this release.

Full list of changes in this release

CONVERSIONNET-5301FeaturePrint Style Table (Pen Assignment) AutoCAD feature when converting DWG to PDF
CONVERSIONNET-4548BugDGN to PDF conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-6683BugConversion from LaTex to PDF produces a blank document
CONVERSIONNET-4822BugOld DOC file to PDF conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-4732BugInvalid entry in XRef table
CONVERSIONNET-6650BugProblem with setting page size and margins when converting to PDF
CONVERSIONNET-6687BugIncorrect rendering of bullets when converting wordprocessing to pdf
CONVERSIONNET-6684BugParticular JPG is not converted to PNG/TIFF
CONVERSIONNET-4029BugTEX to PPT conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-4782BugWord to TIFF conversion
CONVERSIONNET-4436BugMPP to PDF conversion exception: The fixed columns are too wide to print per page
CONVERSIONNET-6669BugHTML to PDF conversion issue in .NET 7
CONVERSIONNET-6651BugEML to MSG conversion - Subject text is changed
CONVERSIONNET-6658BugConversion from EML to MSG throws an exception
CONVERSIONNET-6648BugConversion from html to pdf cause exception

Major features

  • Introduced support of CtbSources when converting from a CAD drawing
  • Fixed DGN to PDF issue
  • Set the page size when converting to PDF now is correctly applied

Public API and backward incompatible changes

  1. In CadLoadOptions is introduced new property CtbSources.