GroupDocs.Editor for .NET 20.12 Release Notes

GroupDocs.Editor for .NET version 20.12 provides one new minor feature, which has an impact on public API, two improvements and a set of different bugfixes. It is worth to mention that this new feature doesn’t break a backward compatibility, but only introduces one new public type, so existing client code is fully compatible for this release. All of these are described in detail below.

New features

New public class OtfFont

Before version 20.12 the GroupDocs.Editor was not able to process the OTF (Open Type Format) fonts: it was not able to obtain them from input documents and export into resultant documents. If occured, such fonts were ignored. Starting from version 20.12 there is a full support of Open Type fonts, including new public class GroupDocs.Editor.HtmlCss.Resources.Fonts.OtfFont. So now, if input Wordprocessing document contains an OTF font, this font will be properly exported to the EditableDocument and HTML, and finally properly imported back to the output WordProcessing document.


Support of new HTML elements

In GroupDocs.Editor version 20.12 there was added a support of a BASE HTML element as well as all Definition based elements:

  • DL (Definition List)
  • DT (Definition Term)
  • DD (Definition Details)

Now they are fully supported and their presence in HTML markup will not cause an exception.


GroupDocs.Editor version 20.12 contains big amount of bugfixes, which address different exceptions in different modules of GroupDocs.Editor, including WordProcessing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

EDITORNET-1944Investigate and implement OTF fontNew feature
EDITORNET-1940Add support of BASE elementImprovement
EDITORNET-1945Add support of Description HTML elementsImprovement
EDITORNET-1778Parse error - end tag ‘span’, that is located on position ‘8591-8597’, doesn’t match the last unclosed start tag ’td’Bug
EDITORNET-1807Node type of ‘’ currently are not supportedBug
EDITORNET-1818Exception during table processingBug
EDITORNET-1856Only ‘phrasing’ content is permitted for the ‘SPAN’ element, while specified element ‘DIV’ has content category ‘Flow’Bug
EDITORNET-1910Exception when editing ODT files (empty image in Shape)Bug
EDITORNET-1913Only ‘phrasing’ content is permitted for the ‘heading (H1)’ elementBug
EDITORNET-1935Cannot find a Wingding code 8211Bug
EDITORNET-1904Incorrect page countBug
EDITORNET-1946SVG is not embedding into HTML during serializationBug
EDITORNET-1848Exception System.AccessViolationException in the GroupDocs.Editor.Cells.CellsToHtml while iterate WorksheetsBug
EDITORNET-1948Failed converting to Word images with base64 SVGBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

As it was described in “New Features” section above, there is one completely new public class in the GroupDocs.Editor API, which don’t break a backward compatibility.

  • GroupDocs.Editor.HtmlCss.Resources.Fonts.OtfFont class.