GroupDocs.Editor for .NET 20.4 Release Notes

Major Features

GroupDocs.Editor for .NET version 20.4 contains a lot of new features, improvements, bug fixes and performance speed-up in different tasks and scenarios. It also includes new public members and options, which are described below.

New ability to insert edited slide into existing presentation

Starting from version 20.4, GroupDocs.Editor is able not only to generate a presentation with single slide, but insert new edited slide into existing presentation. In order to make this feature public the two new properties were added to the PresentationSaveOptions class: integer SlideNumber and boolean flag InsertAsNewSlide.

There is a special article “Inserting edited slide into existing presentation”, which explains exactly this specific feature.

Paginal mode for PDF

Starting from version 20.4 a paginal mode becomes available for PDF conversion, which means that input WordProcessing document, which was edited in paginal mode, can be saved in PDF format in paginal mode too. Corresponding boolean flag EnablePagination was added to the PdfSaveOptions class. Section “Paginal mode in PDF” in the “[Float and paginal modes]” article describes this new feature.

Support of TIFF images

In very rare cases WordProcessing documents can contain raster images in TIFF format. Prior version 20.4 such images were unsupported and, when encountered, exception was thrown. Now GroupDocs.Editor supports TIFF format, and not only for WordProcessing documents, but also for public API too: corresponding class TiffImage was added to the GroupDocs.Editor.HtmlCss.Resources.Images.Raster namespace, along with the new enum value ‘Tiff’ in the GroupDocs.Editor.HtmlCss.Resources.Images.ImageType enum.

Support of repeatable table header

WordProcessing format supports a table-related feature called “Repeatable table header” — when table is so huge that it spans across several pages, it is possible to mark its header as repeatable, so it duplicates on top of every page, which is occupied by the table. Before version 20.4 GroupDocs.Editor hasn’t supported this feature: when opening document for edit and saving back to the WordProcessing such header was lost. However, starting from version 20.4 it is fully supported. This improvement works by default and has no any public options.

Support ActiveX checkbox

ActiveX is an obsolete technology, which is however still supported in new OOXML (*.DOCX) and old Microsoft Word Binary File Format (*.DOC), and thus may be present in WordProcessing documents in extremely rare cases. In version before 20.4 all ActiveX components were rasterized and presented in HTML as PNG images. Started from version 20.4 we’ve improved support of ActiveX checkbox — now it, if occurred, will be rendered as fully functional valid HTML checkbox, with name, value, initial state and ability to set or unset it. This improvement doesn’t touch public API.

Support of user-installed fonts in .NET Standard 2.0 assembly on Windows 10/Server 2016

Previous version 20.3 contained a new feature — extended support of fonts, with new public option and ability to extract fonts from user-installed fonts folder on Windows 10/Server 2016. However, there was a known issue — .NET Standard 2.0 assembly of GroupDocs.Editor for .NET version 20.3 was not able to extract user fonts. In this new version 20.4 this issue is eliminated.

Highly increased performance in several scenarios

For some specific scenarios, which includes working with fonts and processing specific documents with complex table content, the GroupDocs.Editor performance was increased up to 10-1000 times, depending on specific scenario and document.

Plenty of fixed bugs

GroupDocs.Editor for .NET version 20.4 contains a lot of fixed serious bugs, which caused different exceptions, lack of features and improper rendering in different use-cases.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

EDITORNET-1541Ability to insert edited slide into existing presentation with substitution or injection by indexNew feature
EDITORNET-1591Add support of paginal mode in backward HTML-to-PDF converterNew feature
EDITORNET-1609Add support of TIFF imagesNew feature
EDITORNET-1597Support repeat table header in HTML and backward converterImprovement
EDITORNET-1607Implement ActiveX checkboxImprovement
EDITORNET-1476Cannot convert HTML to WordProcessing with embedded PaginalStyle.cssBug
EDITORNET-1530Error While Creating Edior instance with filepath AurgumentBug
EDITORNET-1581Opening a DOCX file throws Argument ExceptionBug
EDITORNET-1582Hanging while trying to open ODP document while detecting file formatBug
EDITORNET-1583Small icons are always embedded into HTML as base64 when editing Spreadsheet documentBug
EDITORNET-1584Fix bug in HTML parser when input HTML markup starts from empty stringBug
EDITORNET-1588Fix performance degradation in font resource processorBug
EDITORNET-1589Fix bug with negative margin in tablesBug
EDITORNET-1592‘Aspose.Words.Drawing.Shape’ is not supportedBug
EDITORNET-1596Name of the INPUT element cannot be NULLBug
EDITORNET-1598Only ‘phrasing’ content is permitted for the heading H2Bug
EDITORNET-1599Internal error - cannot find a ‘FormField’ nodeBug
EDITORNET-1602Content of the run is not represented by any of HTML elementsBug
EDITORNET-1604Some controls missing in the output HTML and DOCX filesBug
EDITORNET-1605Processing a particular DOCX file takes long timeBug
EDITORNET-1640Add support of user-installed font with .NET Standard 2.0 assembly on Windows 10/Server 2016Bug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Two new properties in PresentationSaveOptions class

Implementing a EDITORNET-1541 ticket has a result in form of a two new public properties in the ``GroupDocs.Editor.Options.PresentationSaveOptions` class:

public int SlideNumber { get; set; }
public bool InsertAsNewSlide { get; set; }

One new property in PdfSaveOptions class

Implementing a EDITORNET-1591 ticket has a result in form of a one new public property in the `GroupDocs.Editor.Options.PdfSaveOptions class:

public bool EnablePagination { get; set; }

New class TiffImage

As a result of EDITORNET-1609 ticket, the new class GroupDocs.Editor.HtmlCss.Resources.Images.Raster.`TiffImage` was added. It implements abstract class RasterImageResourceBase, like all other image types.

New value Tiff in ImageType enum

As a result of EDITORNET-1609 ticket, the GroupDocs.Editor.HtmlCss.Resources.Images.ImageType enum now contains a new ‘Tiff’ value.