GroupDocs.Editor for .NET 21.4 Release Notes

GroupDocs.Editor for .NET version 21.4 delivers several significant improvement and a set of different bugfixes in various parts of the product.


GroupDocs.Editor version 21.4 contains three significant improvements:

  1. Improved resources import during backward processing. In previous version of GroupDocs.Editor it was a quite hard to properly import HTML markup with external resources during backward conversion, when these resources are references via complete URIs. Now this mechanism was significantly improved, which can ease an integration of GroupDocs.Editor into existing solutions.
  2. In previous versions of GroupDocs.Editor for .NET we have changed a table processing mechanism in forward WordProcessing converter in order to fix several bugs. Unfortunately, this new mechanism has a lack of lot of features, which were present in previous one. In version 21.4 we finally fixed all existing bugs in old mechanism, so now table processing is bug-free and also feature-rich, combining all the advantages from both mechanisms.
  3. Version 21.4 also contains a support of 3 new HTML elements: RUBY, RP and RT. This means that now WYSIWYG-editors can produce HTML-markup with these elements, and GroupDocs.Editor will correctly recognize and process them during backward conversion.


GroupDocs.Editor version 21.4 contains big amount of bugfixes, which address different exceptions and one performance regression in different modules of GroupDocs.Editor, mainly WordProcessing.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

EDITORNET-2059Improve resources import during backward processingImprovement
EDITORNET-2062Enable old table processing mechanismImprovement
EDITORNET-2065Add support of RUBY, RP and RT HTML elementsImprovement
EDITORNET-1902WordProcessing: in input element put content to placeholder.Bug
EDITORNET-1939Performance gap in backward table processingBug
EDITORNET-1986Docx to Markdown converter was lost part of text.Bug
EDITORNET-1987Footnotes are not correctly transfered during conversion between DOCX and MarkdownBug
EDITORNET-2017Length cannot be less than 2 Parameter name: colorStops Actual value was 0.Bug
EDITORNET-2034HTML generated is not consistentBug
EDITORNET-2057Presentation: not rendering Shape’s figureBug
EDITORNET-2060Fix exception while processing listsBug
EDITORNET-2061EMF and WMF images are emitted to HTML without reconverting to PNGBug
EDITORNET-2063Fix missing table bordersBug
EDITORNET-2064Fix bug with broken local linksBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

No new types members or changes in existing types/members in public API.