GroupDocs.Parser for .NET 20.6.1 Release Notes

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PARSERNET-1555Misspelling in GetHyperlinks method nameBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Misspelling in GetHyperlinks method name


This hot-fix fixes misspelling in GetHyperlinks methods name in Parser class.

Public API changes

GroupDocs.Parser.Parser public class was updated with changes as follows:


The following example shows how to extract hyperlinks from the document page area:

// Create an instance of Parser class
using (Parser parser = new Parser(filePath))
    // Check if the document supports hyperlink extraction
    if (!parser.Features.Hyperlinks)
        Console.WriteLine("Document isn't supports hyperlink extraction.");
    // Create the options which are used for hyperlink extraction
    PageAreaOptions options = new PageAreaOptions(new Rectangle(new Point(380, 90), new Size(150, 50)));
    // Extract hyperlinks from the document page area
    IEnumerable<PageHyperlinkArea> hyperlinks = parser.GetHyperlinks(options);
    // Iterate over hyperlinks
    foreach (PageHyperlinkArea h in hyperlinks)
        // Print the hyperlink text
        // Print the hyperlink URL