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GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 2.13.0

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GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 2.13.0 Release NotesImprovements VIEWERJAVA-1025 Performance improvement VIEWERJAVA-1017 Improved products structure to prevent conflicts with external libraries Bugs Fixed VIEWERJAVA-947 Missing text and hyperlinks in HTML engine for slides documents VIEWERJAVA-929 Unexpected borders around text in PDF VIEWERJAVA-950 List elements appended to the text in ODS documents VIEWERJAVA-954 Wrong image/text aligment in HTML engine for ODT VIEWERJAVA-1005 Cannot read property 'left' of undefined - for .txt , .ods and .xls files VIEWERJAVA-1010 Incorrect text color in HTML engine for ODP documents VIEWERJAVA-948 Incorrect image rendering in HTML engine for ODP documents VIEWERJAVA-650 Issue with VTX files VIEWERJAVA-822 Text positioning issues in HTML engine for PDF documents VIEWERJAVA-984 Text style issues in HTML engine for ODS documents VIEWERJAVA-930 Empty result files in diagrams VIEWERJAVA-952 Background issue in HTML engine for ODS documents VIEWERJAVA-763 In the HTML mode the .jpeg files incorrect displayed GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 2.13.0