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GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 2.3.0

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  • 7/25/2014


GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Library: This library enables developers to quickly and easily embed document viewing functionality (Supporting over 49 different file formats currently) within web based Java applications. This library supports stand-alone operation; we will shortly make available for download a version which can be hosted within an existing servlet container. Please visit the product page to get further details about the features offered by this library.New FeaturesVIEWERJAVA-111 Added custom locale supportVIEWERJAVA-168 Added support to render XPS filesVIEWERJAVA-138 Added P8 FileNet SupportVIEWERJAVA-144 Added sub-folders supportImprovementsVIEWERJAVA-139 Long file names and url supportVIEWERJAVA-165 Excel improvementsVIEWERJAVA-166 Email improvementsVIEWERJAVA-167 Word improvementsVIEWERJAVA-184 Front-end updatedVIEWERJAVA-199 Image rendering as PNGVIEWERJAVA-201 Alphabetical order of file in File BrowserBugs FixedVIEWERJAVA-126 Old content rendered after documents updateVIEWERJAVA-127 Unable to open some files from WEBVIEWERJAVA-132 Failing to open page 0 on rendering documentsVIEWERJAVA-155 Unable to render generated imagesVIEWERJAVA-173 Unable to open file by tokenID if "time to live" set to 0VIEWERJAVA-174 Popup with error is displayed after attempt to open file from secure urlVIEWERJAVA-189 Token expiration issueVIEWERJAVA-190 Issue with opening files from sub directory by path to the file in urlVIEWERJAVA-191 Document preview isn't displayed in "Print" popup with "usePdfPrinting: true" optionVIEWERJAVA-192 Issues with viewing particular DOC files if set up .useHtmlBasedEngine=truesVIEWERJAVA-196 User is able to open empty file which format is unsupportedVIEWERJAVA-230 Error occurs in browser console after scrolling with specific parameters of configVIEWERJAVA-231 Wide cells document do not renders completely GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 2.3.0