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GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.1.0

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GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.1.0 Release NotesNew FeaturesVIEWERNET-425 Implement ru-RU localization for error messagesVIEWERNET-424 Implement en-US localization for error messagesVIEWERNET-322 Handle load document errors.VIEWERNET-348 Implement localization.ImprovementsVIEWERNET-405 Improve applying image watermark.VIEWERNET-404 Improve email document loading by passing load options.VIEWERNET-338 Add required html markup for email documents.VIEWERNET-355 Localize exception messages.VIEWERNET-359 Use output stream for convert page operations.VIEWERNET-362 Improve image converter resizing.VIEWERNET-365 Improve converter post-processing actions.Bugs fixedVIEWERNET-316 Empty, incomplete or invalid html when saving to streamVIEWERNET-352 Html blocks are outside html document when converting mhtml email to html.VIEWERNET-358 Stream is not readable exception when trying to load password protected pdf.VIEWERNET-364 File not found exception when document loaded from stream.VIEWERNET-391 Watermark width is not applying in the case of rendering as PDFVIEWERNET-412 The pdf diagonal watermark is not in the center of the document.WEB-1040 Exceptions are thrown when trying to view Word documentsWEB-1165 An image on a page is turned upside down when viewing a PDF file in the image modeWEB-1171 Incorrect rendering of the EPUB fileWEB-1913 Text is absent in HTML, does not fit in images produced from a PDFWEB-2019 Exception when converting PDF to HTML with specific parametersWEB-2079 Empty table content when converting PDF to HTMLWEB-2270 Long whitespace when replacing text in numbered list in specific conditionsWEB-2278 Process hangs when converting specific PDF to HTML and JPEGWEB-2291 Incorrect coversion to HTML and JPEGWEB-2313 Incorrect conversion from XLSX to the PDF and HTMLWEB-2319 The order of characters in RTL words is reversedWEB-2424 Not completely correct conversion from HTML to PDFPublic API ChangesILocaleHandler has been removed from all ViewerHtmlHandler constructors.For more information on features of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.1.0, see its documentation and examples. GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.1.0