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GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.2.0

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  • 4/22/2016


GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.2.0 Release Notes New Features VIEWERNET-304 - Process files from stream without specifying fileName parameter VIEWERNET-389 - Implement PdfFileOptions same as another Options classes VIEWERNET-393 - New conversion mechanism for displaying multipage TIFF files VIEWERNET-415 - Add ability to show/hide grid lines for excel files VIEWERNET-434 - Add support for Portuguese locale VIEWERNET-469 - Implement configuration option that allows set cells sheet conversion mode when converting to pdf VIEWERNET-484 - Provide jpeg image quality setting VIEWERNET-494 - Implement file description property that returns document type format VIEWERNET-495 - Implement method that returns supported document formats VIEWERNET-542 - Implement option that allows to set text document encoding WEB-2128 - New conversion mechanism for displaying multipage TIFF files Improvements VIEWERNET-395 - Hide/Show the hidden sheets for Excel files VIEWERNET-423 - Improve localization engine to use custom locales from path VIEWERNET-436 - User provided Excel Spreadsheet does not follow MS Excel behavior when rendered to PDF VIEWERNET-462 - Improve document processing fidelity and speed VIEWERNET-515 - Improve quality of re-sized images VIEWERNET-525 - Implement storing cache files separately depends on use pdf option Bugs fixed VIEWERNET-451 - Empty Value Exception on rendering PDF File VIEWERNET-455 - Underline for some words/sentences when saving to html image VIEWERNET-472 - Invalid Parameter Exception on rendering PDF to HTML VIEWERNET-479 - Blurry document in Image Based rendering VIEWERNET-480 - PreloadPagesCount is not working in V3 VIEWERNET-486 - Shift_JIS encoded characters are not showing in proper format VIEWERNET-493 - Css classes are overridden in multiple pages documents VIEWERNET-513 - Image re-sized incorrectly when re-sizing to larger dimensions VIEWERNET-514 - Resolution is set incorrectly when converting pdf to image VIEWERNET-528 - Failed to rotate page if page number specified WEB-2402 - Specific eml file can't be viewed in HTML mode WEB-2435 - High memory usage while converting to Pdf WEB-2438 - Not all content of the pdf document rendered to html WEB-244 - Empty html WEB-2445 - Doc to Pdf save error WEB-2446 - DocuSign signed files not showing all content GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.2.0