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Major Features

There are 32 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Introduced error localization.
  • Improved image watermarks.
  • Improved image conversion and resizing.
  • Improved convertor post-processing actions.
  • Added required HTML markup for email documents.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

VIEWERNET-425Implement ru-RU localization for error messagesNew Feature
VIEWERNET-424Implement en-US localization for error messagesNew Feature
VIEWERNET-348Implement localization.New Feature
VIEWERNET-322Handle load document errors.New Feature
WEB-1105Request the Aspose.Cells team to make output HTML compatible with Viewer.NETImprovement
VIEWERNET-405Improve applying image watermark.Improvement
VIEWERNET-404Improve email document loading by passing load options.Improvement
VIEWERNET-367Improve LocalizedStringKeys description by adding default template messages.Improvement
VIEWERNET-366Implement Localization Handler Interface.Improvement
VIEWERNET-365Improve converter post-processing actions.Improvement
VIEWERNET-362Improve image converter resizing.Improvement
VIEWERNET-359Use output stream for convert page operations.Improvement
VIEWERNET-355Localize exception messages.Improvement
VIEWERNET-338Add required html markup for email documents.Improvement
WEB-2424Not completely correct conversion from HTML to PDFBug
WEB-2319The order of characters in RTL words is reversedBug
WEB-2313Incorrect conversion from XLSX to the PDF and HTMLBug
WEB-2291Incorrect conversion to HTML and JPEGBug
WEB-2278Process hangs when converting specific PDF to HTML and JPEGBug
WEB-2270Long whitespace when replacing text in numbered list in specific conditionsBug
WEB-2079Empty table content when converting PDF to HTMLBug
WEB-2019Exception when converting PDF to HTML with specific parametersBug
WEB-1913Text is absent in HTML, does not fit in images produced from a PDFBug
WEB-1171Incorrect rendering of the EPUB fileBug
WEB-1165An image on a page is turned upside down when viewing a PDF file in the image modeBug
WEB-1040Exceptions are thrown when trying to view Word documentsBug
VIEWERNET-412The pdf diagonal watermark is not in the center of the document.Bug
VIEWERNET-391Watermark width is not applying in the case of rendering as PDFBug
VIEWERNET-364File not found exception when document loaded from stream.Bug
VIEWERNET-358Stream is not readable exception when trying to load password protected pdf.Bug
VIEWERNET-352Html blocks are outside html document when converting mhtml email to html.Bug
VIEWERNET-316Empty, incomplete or invalid html when saving to streamBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

ILocaleHandler has been removed from all ViewerHtmlHandler constructors.