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Major Features

There are 7 features, improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Added support of file formats:
    • Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Template (.xlt)
    • Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template (.xltm)
    • Microsoft Excel Template (.xltx)
    • JPEG 2000 Code Stream (.jpc)
    • Programming languages file formats (rendered as plain text without highlight, highlight will be added in future versions)
      • ActionScript File (.as)
      • ActionScript File (.as3)
      • Assembly Language Source Code File (.asm)
      • DOS Batch File (.bat)
      • C/C++ Source Code File (.c)
      • C++ Source Code File (.cc)
      • CMake File (.cmake)
      • C++ Source Code File (.cpp)
      • Cascading Style Sheet (.css)
      • C++ Source Code File (.cxx)
      • Patch File (.diff)
      • Ruby ERB Script (.erb)
      • Groovy Source Code File (.groovy)
      • C/C++/Objective-C Header File (.h)
      • Haml Source Code File (.haml)
      • C++ Header File (.hh)
      • Java Source Code File (.java)
      • JavaScript File (.js)
      • JavaScript Object Notation File (.json)
      • LESS Style Sheet (.less)
      • Log File (.log)
      • Objective-C Implementation File (.m)
      • Xcode Makefile Script (.make)
      • Markdown Documentation File (.md)
      • ML Source Code File (.ml)
      • Objective-C++ Source File (.mm)
      • PHP Source Code File (.php)
      • Perl Script (.pl)
      • Java Properties File (.properties)
      • Python Script (.py)
      • Ruby Source Code (.rb)
      • reStructuredText File (.rst)
      • Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets File (.sass)
      • Scala Source Code File (.scala)
      • Scheme Source Code File (.scm)
      • Generic Script File (.script)
      • Bash Shell Script (.sh)
      • Standard ML Source Code File (.sml)
      • Structured Query Language Data File (.sql)
      • Vim Settings File (.vim)
      • YAML Document (.yaml)

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

VIEWERNET-1898Add Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Template (.xlt) file format supportFeature
VIEWERNET-1899Add Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template (.xltm) file format supportFeature
VIEWERNET-1900Add Microsoft Excel Template (.xltx) file format supportFeature
VIEWERNET-1979Add programming languages file formats supportFeature
VIEWERNET-2050Add JPEG 2000 Code Stream (.jpc) file format supportFeature
VIEWERNET-2075Credit based billing for Metered licenseFeature
VIEWERNET-2052Excel document loses formatting when rendering into multiple pages per sheetBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

public static decimal GetConsumptionCredit() method added

This method returns count of credits which were consumed in case of Metered licensing is used.

/// <summary>
/// Retrieves count of credits consumed.
/// </summary>
/// <example>
/// Following example demonstrates how to retrieve count of credits consumed.
/// <code lang="C#">
/// string publicKey = "Public Key";
/// string privateKey = "Private Key";
/// Metered metered = new Metered();
/// metered.SetMeteredKey(publicKey, privateKey);
/// decimal creditsConsumed = Metered.GetConsumptionCredit();
/// </code>
/// </example>
[Obfuscation(Feature = "virtualization", Exclude = false)]
public static decimal GetConsumptionCredit()