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GroupDocs.Viewer for Node.js via Java 24.6

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This contains the NPM package of GroupDocs.Viewer for Node.js via Java 24.6.

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Enhanced Excel Rendering

With the latest Node.js document viewer release, you can render Excel spreadsheets with precise page breaks and print areas, mimicking Excel’s printing behavior on your favorite platform. The following code example illustrates the feature usage:

//render spreadsheet into PDF
const viewer = new groupdocs.viewer.Viewer("products.xlsx");
const viewOptions = groupdocs.viewer.PdfViewOptions("output.pdf");

//render spreadsheet into HTML
const viewer = new groupdocs.viewer.Viewer("products.xlsx");
const viewOptions = groupdocs.viewer.HtmlViewOptions.forEmbeddedResources("page_{0}.html")


Control External Resources

GroupDocs.Viewer for Node.js via Java 24.6 streamlines rendering by selectively downloading or skipping external resources referenced within your documents. Please check out the following coding sample to learn how to use this functionality:

const loadOptions = new groupdocs.viewer.LoadOptions()
loadOptions.setSkipExternalResources(true) // Skip loading of external resources
loadOptions.getWhitelistedResources().add("")  //Enable loading of external resources that has 'avatars.

//' fragment in resource URL.
const viewer = new groupdocs.viewer.Viewer("business-flyer.docx", loadOptions)
const viewOptions = groupdocs.viewer.HtmlViewOptions.forEmbeddedResources()


Embedded License Support

The newest version of the Node.js library simplifies license management by referencing embedded licenses directly from your project. This code example shows how to read licenses from embedded resources:

// set license from embedded resource
const license = new groupdocs.viewer.License()


Font License Verification Control

Developers can now gain more control over font license verification in XPS/OXPS files. Here’s how you can utilize this functionality within your cross-platform Node.js apps:

const viewer = new groupdocs.viewer.Viewer("resume.oxps")
const viewOptions = groupdocs.viewer.HtmlViewOptions.forEmbeddedResources()


Better Image Quality

Integrate enhanced visual fidelity of rendered documents into your document viewing solutions by wrapping images in SVG when exporting to PDF and Page Layout formats, as illustrated in the following code sample:

const viewer = new groupdocs.viewer.Viewer("resume.pdf")
const viewOptions = groupdocs.viewer.HtmlViewOptions.forEmbeddedResources()
const pdfOptions = new groupdocs.viewer.PdfViewOptions();


You can view the list of all new features, enhancements, and bug fixes introduced in this release by visiting GroupDocs.Viewer for Node.js via Java 24.6 Release Notes.