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If so you can download any of the below versions for testing. The product will function as normal except for an evaluation limitation. At the time of purchase we provide a license file via email that will allow the product to work in its full capacity. If you would also like an evaluation license to test without any restrictions for 30 days, please follow the directions provided here.

GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET

GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET is a powerful document watermarking API to add image and text watermarks. Furthermore, API works to search and remove the watermarks which were already added to the documents by other third-party softwares. The watermarks added by this API are hard to remove by any third-party tools. It is straight-forward and self-descriptive for integration into the custom applications. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, raster images multi-page tiff and animated GIF formats supported.

GroupDocs.Watermark for Java

GroupDocs.Watermark for Java is a powerful document watermarking API to add, search and remove watermarks in supported file formats. Furthermore, Watermarks added by the API are hard to be automatically removed by third-party tools. While it can be easily used for searching and removing previously added watermarks of popular types. API is a self-descriptive and straight-forward for integrating image and text watermarks within any PDF, Microsoft Office and multiple image document formats.